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Hi! Welcome to my site.

Just call me Teacher Sie. I’m quite a newbie teacher because I came from the accounting profession. I just tried accepting a job in a tutorial center last 2012 but I fell in love with it. The cute little ones I’m tutoring also stole my heart. So, “Goodbye, Auditor Sie! Hi, Teacher Sie!” Eyes closed, I took the required 18 Education units and took the licensure exam for teachers. Thankfully, I passed. Now I am a freelance private tutor.

Being new in this fulfilling profession, I know I am yet to learn a lot of things, hence the name “The Not So Perfect Private Tutor.” In this site, I would share with you my journey and my triumphs into becoming the best teacher that I can be (see MY TUTEES AND ME and BREAK TIME). I would also share with you some of the WORKSHEETS I made for my students. I know they can be of use to you whether you are a student, a hands-on mom or even a tutor or teacher like me. From time to time, I would also share some of my reflections from my personal experiences in JUST ME AND MY RANDOM THOUGHTS.

Much as I would like to disclose my identity, I simply can’t because of confidentiality issues — most of my students came from prominent families and of course I’d like to protect them. However, I believe that won’t hinder us from being friends, right? ❤

God bless us all!

Aim high,

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P. S. Okay. If you are really curious (and I hope you are 😉 ), just to give you an idea… I look like the girl in the picture above. I even dress like her! 😛

PHOTO CREDIT: pinterest.com

DISCLAIMER: I do not own most if the images used in this site. However, I try my best to give credits to the image owners. Any oversight is not intentional.


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