Why Tutorial Centers Are Now Everywhere (And Why You Had Higher Grades Than Your Kids)

Photo: anorexiarecovery1.blogspot

Do you know the different types of teeth — the incisors, canines, premolars and molars? How about the different parts of a microscope, can you enumerate them or identify each part given a picture? Can you EXPLAIN their uses? 

Yes? Congratulations!!! You are qualified to tutor grade 3 pupils! 

Nope. That’s not a typo error. That’s really 3. As in T… H… R… E… E… 

You answered no? Okay, let’s try a grade 2 lesson…

Do you know the 3 branches of the government — executive, legislative and judiciary? Do you know their functions? Do you know how many senators, congressmen and justices we have?

Still no? Okay, preschool

Do you know the 7 continents and what countries belong to each? The different oceans, do you know their names? 

Ridiculous, eh? I had the same thoughts when I saw that in my students’ handouts. I was like, “Huh! Microscope for grade 3? I learned this in high school!” The lessons nowadays are already so advance!

Also, the implementation of the K to 12 curriculum posed additional challenges not only to the students but to the educators as well. Unlike before where you only had to learn biology in second year high school, chemistry in third year and physics in fourth year — now, students have to learn chunks of all these subjects (aside from general science) in their freshman year.**

Lastly… parents, never compare your grades to your kids’ not unless the grades you’re bragging*** about were after the implementation of the zero-based policy. The what??? Well, in 2003, DepEd released an order changing the computation of grades into simply “score ÷ number of items” whereas during our time (at least a decade ago 😉 ), I remember it was “(score ÷ number of items) x 50 + 50.” Wow, nosebleed.

What’s the difference?  Let’s just say that if you get 7 correct answers in a 10-item quiz, your rating will just be 70%; whereas before — drum rolls please — that was equivalent to 85%!!! Now, if you’re grade-conscious and allergic to line of 8 and below, you should only get one mistake to get even just a 90. See how difficult it is now to get grades 90 and above? (Note: I’ve heard of the new grading system with letter grades but I haven’t actually seen any of it. School teachers, what’s the latest update about this?)

Given the increasing difficulty of lessons and school challenges the students have to deal with nowadays, there has also been an increasing demand for the assistance of specialists. If before it was easy to self-study or have your parents teach you, well, not anymore. And I must add the fact that due to economic reasons, the number of housewives (who used to teach the kids) have fallen in favor of the number of careerwomen.

So don’t wonder why tutorials sprouted like mushrooms. 

And don’t look down on kids who go to tutors. It’s not that they do so because they are dumbos (the common misconception), but because school is just… hard.

Aim high,

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* DISCLAIMER: These are lessons from exclusive private schools. I’m not familiar/updated with public school lessons. Please educate me by posting your comments below.
** Now called Grade 7 under the K to 12 curriculum
*** Personally, I disagree with the practice of comparing your kids’ achievement to yours. Actually, I disagree with any kind of comparison.

Photo Credit: anorexiarecovery1.blogspot


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