My First Ever Job in the Education Profession


Most of the time, I would mention in my post that I worked in a tutorial center. I think it would be nice if I give you a little background about it since it was a turning point and has made a gargantuan change in my life. (Okay. I’m exaggerating. It’s just gigantic. ūüėõ )

My previous work as an auditor really sucked all the energy out of me. I resigned because I thought I really needed a breather. However, while I was on that “vacation,” reality hit me that I’m done with the accounting profession and that God was leading me to another one. What profession? I didn’t know yet so I prayed and even fasted to discern His will. One thing I knew, I didn’t want a full-time job yet (I got sick and tired working overtime), I hate waking up early to go to work (I’m nocturnal), I want a job I would enjoy and of course, a job that would give me a decent pay since I still have to share in our family’s expenses.

But does a job like that even exist?

One day, I received a text from my high school classmate (let’s call him RA) asking me if I would like to work as a tutor. He was then working as a private nurse. His client runs a tutorial center and was in need of a tutor. I immediately said yes. Why?

Not a full-time job? – Check. I just have to work 4 to 5 hours a day.

Won’t make me rise early? – Check. Work is from 3pm onwards.

Pays decently? – Check. It’s just a part-time job but it pays thousands above the minimum wage.

Something I would enjoy? – Mmm… We’ll see. But working with kids seems fun enough.

Twenty-twelve, my mom’s birthday. It was when I was asked to come for an interview. I would never forget that fateful day. Everything fell into place. Everything was easy and I felt God supporting me. I felt as if I was being pushed by the wind to go. My feet had wings and I wasn’t walking at all. Everything around me seemed more vibrant. What a wonderful day! I was excited and my heart was filled with joy. (Maybe, deep inside I knew something good was bound to happen.)

The interview, exam and trial tutoring were a brisk. Everything happened so fast! One day I was depressed not knowing what to do with my life then one day I woke up with my dream job already in front of me. And did I enjoy the job? You bet. Time was ticking away and next thing I knew, it was already time to go. So this is how it feels like to do something you love pala?


The perks didn’t end there. The center is inside a posh subdivision. Given its location, it caters to the kids from families of the highest socio-economic echelon (which is good because that enables the center to pay the teachers well). Stupid me, I didn’t know it that time. I was shocked when I found out a week later that my lady boss, Teacher N, who dresses so simply — is a daughter of a mall owner and that she, herself, owns a well-known appliance store. (Of course, she didn’t tell us these. Just learned it from the kids and helpers. It’s some kind of an open secret.) My jaws dropped too when I found out who our tutees are — the richest in the country???!!! (Now I’m not exaggerating. Take it as it is.) However, I’m glad I didn’t know these things prior to the interview or else I would have felt the pressure. If I had known who my interviewer was, I might have blown the interview.

Now, why am I telling you these?

Because I didn’t expect working with them would be such a bliss. It gave me a different perspective in life. It opened my eyes to a completely different world — a world of possibilities. I learned a lot of things. I found out they work hard, even the kids, and they are very much disciplined. They are wise with money and they are matipid pala. I thought I was already wise with money, but compared to them, I felt so magastos. Shame on me. They can even work without air con. Haha! And they are simple and humble. Yes, so different from what we see in soap operas.


I had wonderful students. Aside from the cuteness overload (with pink cheeks that look like they are wearing permanent blush), they are so sweet and so smart! Most parents send their kids to tutor not because the kids need help but simply because they want their kids to excel more. Our studes are expected to get perfect scores in their exams. (Hay, pressure!) The usual trend: ¬†preschoolers get 100% average in their report cards; the first or second graders, 99%; higher levels, 90+. They don’t settle for mediocrity. And I realized I should also do the same if I want to get ahead in life.

And another great thing I got from the job? My employer, Teacher N. Although she’s not popular with the students and other tutors, I really appreciate her as a boss. I’ve been through different kinds of ¬†superiors in the past so I know she’s different. Having worked with bosses who were mostly doing nothing and who merely depended on their subs to do everything (even their own tasks) — I love the fact that while we were busy teaching, Teacher N was busy with her own students too! Though she gets mad at times, that just makes her real. If she dislikes what you’re doing, she would tell you right away… Bluntly… No nonsense… This immediate feedback makes you improve your work. She’s not the kind who would keep mum when she dislikes what she sees and you’d just be surprised that she told another superior of her long list of complaints about you. No, Teacher N isn’t like that. Why complain when you can do something about it? And friend, she knows how to compromise. She wouldn’t just simply impose what she wants. She listens to your side and would think of a win-win solution. She’s open to feedbacks, too. When she’s not busy, she would also make me kuwento about my life. She’s a lola to me.

And that’s it. A background on my first job as a tutor. I know this post has gone quite long but I can’t help my self from gushing on how grateful I am that I landed on that job — to the point that I should consider revising the title to, “Why I’m Grateful for My Job at the Tutorial Center.”

Much to my sadness, I’m no longer connected to them. After 2 joyful years, though I still loved the work, I once again felt God asking me to go somewhere else. But in my heart, I would always be forever grateful for that job. My students, Teacher N and all the memories would always stay with me.

I love you, guys. You’ll be in my heart forever. ‚̧

Aim high,

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